Macquarie University Hospital and Rauland Australia achieve continuous improvement with 10-year partnership

Macquarie University Hospital in Sydney, NSW, has partnered with Rauland Australia to achieve its commitment to the delivery of high-quality healthcare services and optimum customer satisfaction, using the Concentric Care Concierge patient entertainment and connectivity solution.

Macquarie University Hospital is part of MQ Health, Australia’s first fully integrated academic health sciences centre providing world-class clinical care, research and education. The Hospital is a private, not-for-profit, 144-bed facility, combining state-of-the-art technology, visionary research and treatment.

Concentric Care Concierge is a next-generation, digital patient entertainment and connectivity solution. Delivered at the bedside, Concierge is deployed on the HiMed Cockpit to provide patients with convenient access to features including telehealth capabilities, electronic meal ordering, internet connectivity and on-demand entertainment and educational content.

Macquarie University Hospital initially deployed HiMed Cockpit’s in patient rooms in 2010. Over the past 10 years the Hospital has partnered with Rauland Australia to continually evolve the solution in line with the growing expectations of its patients.

Walter Kmet, CEO, Macquarie University Hospital, commented “We are committed to providing excellent clinical care and a superior patient experience. By partnering with Rauland Australia, we are able to provide an innovative entertainment and connectivity system which offers a contemporary digital experience for our patients”.

A single, flexible platform

Zara Dobbs, Patient Safety and Quality Facilitator, Macquarie University Hospital says the Concentric Care Concierge solution has provided a flexible and robust platform.

“From patient admission, to induction, education and feedback we have moved from a paper environment to a digital environment, with content now easily accessed at the bedside on the HiMed Cockpit,” said Zara.

“Digitising this information provides patients with easy, convenient access to a rich variety of entertainment and information services, allowing our patients to remain connected. At the same time, we’re also reducing the risk of infection – a key consideration in the current pandemic.

Previously every patient would receive a compendium of printed information – which would need distributing, updating and reprinting. Moving to a digital medium has significantly simplified this process; infection risk has been reduced and we’re also supporting our sustainability goals,” she said.

According to Zara the Concierge solution has also played a pivotal role in ensuring the Hospital meets its accreditation requirements and compliance with the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards.

“In line with the NSQHS standards, we have taken a very consumer-focused approach in determining what information we make available to our patients – and the best way to provide it. Concierge gives us the flexibility to do this, with the ability to provide everything from Falls Prevention and Infection Control patient education videos, to our CEO Welcome and Acknowledgement to Country, to Electronic Meal Ordering on the HiMed Cockpit.

We find that patient expectations are continually growing, and the Concierge solution is a robust and flexible platform that we are confident will evolve with our needs.”

Simplicity key to take-up

The team at Macquarie University Hospital has invested significant time and effort to ensure all patients enjoy a simple and intuitive user experience.

Zara commented: “Inclusivity is a very important consideration for us – we need to make sure all of our patients have a positive experience. The HiMed’s highly visual user interface and the use of iconography has supported this and the team at Rauland has been great in working with us to achieve this.”

The next phase in the evolution of the Hospital’s Concierge solution will be delivery of a new user interface for electronic meal ordering.

“We’re really excited by this; our Hotel Services team spend an enormous amount of time creating high-quality, healthy meals for our patients. The new interface will include improved imagery, which will make it even easier and more enjoyable for patients to make their choices,” said Zara.

Zara believes the positive take-up by patients is a strong indication of the quality of the user experience.

The ability to deploy additional services such as video-conferencing capabilities for telehealth and virtual rounding are also innovations the Hospital is keen to explore.

Steve Gomes, Director, Rauland Australia commented: “We have a fantastic reciprocal relationship with the team at Macquarie University Hospital. Both organisations are committed to working together to maximise continuous improvement by focusing on the delivery of a modern and intuitive user interface.”

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