Our entertainment solution in focus.

Concierge from Concentric Care provides mental health care providers and people with a lived experience of mental illness with a safe entertainment solution.

Transform care with Concierge

Concierge delivers a safer, smarter and more enjoyable experience for consumers and a secure and scalable IT environment for providers, with ease of integration into existing infrastructure. Supporting digital transformation, Concierge offers an industry-leading entertainment solution with content managed by the facility to ensure safe choices are made for the mental health and wellbeing of those in care.

  • One platform.

    Concentric Care is a complete technology solution for mental health care providers. One platform provides mental health care clinicians with a smart suite of solutions to communicate, connect and care. Concierge lives at the heart of Connect, our entertainment solution delivered from a single platform.

  • One partner.

    Concentric Care delivers mental health care decision makers with a more simple and straightforward way to manage their investment in care. With Rauland Australia, providers gain a single trusted technology partner, providing them with the suite of solutions to succeed.

  • One point of focus.

    Concentric Care creates a single point of focus for mental health care clinicians with seamless solutions aligned to clinical workflows, that work the way clinicians do. Concierge provides mental health care providers and consumers with access to a safe entertainment option.

A calming solution for consumers.

Concierge delivers a calming entertainment experience enabling mental health care providers to offer free-to-air and satellite TV, information and educational videos, plus super-text caption TV channels for the hearing impaired.