The perspective you need to succeed.

Introducing Concentric Care Insight, our data analytics, reporting and dashboard software. Offered with our Nurse Call solution Responder Enterprise to deliver mental health care providers the inside edge to transform communication, connectivity and care. Insight is part of our Connect suite of solutions.

See the complete picture.

Insight is the analytics software transforming clinical workflows and optimising mental health care environments with the data to make confident care decisions, faster and smarter. Together with Responder Enterprise our leading Nurse Call solution, Insight offers organisation-wide analytics, reporting and dashboards to optimise clinical outcomes.

  • One platform.

    Concentric Care is a complete technology solution for mental health care providers. One platform provides mental health care clinicians with the suite of solutions they need to communicate, connect and care. Insight integrates specialist data analytics and dashboard software into the Concentric Care platform without the need for multiple applications.

  • One partner.

    Concentric Care delivers mental health care decision makers with a more simple and straightforward way to manage their investment in care. With Rauland Australia, providers gain a single trusted technology partner, providing them with the suite of solutions to succeed. Insight is delivered in partnership with Rauland Ametek Corporation, our leading connectivity partner, together providing the perspective and foresight to make future decisions with confidence.

  • One point of focus.

    Concentric Care creates a single point of focus for mental health care clinicians with seamless solutions, aligned with clinical workflows to work the way mental health care clinicians do. Insight is deployed alongside Responder Enterprise, our Nurse Call solution, plus our Clinical Services team to identify optimisation opportunities at every point in the process. The result is greater control, flexibility and care from a single software solution.

A complete perspective on consumer care.

Tailored to meet the specific needs of the mental health care service, Insight seamlessly integrates with Responder Enterprise to deliver mental health care providers direct access to analytics on everything from team performance to opportunities for improvement. Insight provides a vantage point on mental health and wellbeing outcomes from the Nurse Call solution, delivering dynamic data to understand trends and transform operations.

Sophisticated simplicity and efficiency awaits.

With ease of integration with Nurse Call and other systems, Insight is capable of analysing data and delivering interactive dashboards on processes and outputs across the entire mental health care environment. This includes real time trends, enabling decision makers to take critical action in areas impacting performance, safety and more⁠ - all with greater efficiency.