Rauland Australia launches Concentric Care platform for Aged Care

Rauland Australia has launched the Concentric Care Platform for the aged care sector, supporting residents and carers to give them a voice. The intuitive platform enhances the way residents, families and care teams interact by providing the right communication, at the right time. Ensuring staff and residents connect in a timely manner increases safety for residents and provides extra support for carers in an ever-changing working environment.

World leading technologies

The platform delivers a quiet environment and Rauland’s world leading technologies such as 4D radar resident safety technology, speech enabled call handsets, innovative mobile capabilities, real time location services and real time data insights are built into the platform ensuring teams have full visibility of resident events and activity. The innovative technologies also integrate with multiple onsite systems to provide seamless clinical and operational workflows across the facility.

Increasing communication and accountability

The Concentric Care Platform greatly enhances communication between residents, staff and health professionals. The technology will enable improved safety, quality of care, increased accountability and improved operational efficiencies. The platform is adaptable and scalable and new features can be easily introduced as residents, staff and government regulations change.

A holistic approach

The aged care sector is focused on finding new, more efficient approaches to help care for older Australians. By implementing smart integrated solutions that can make carers lives easier we can help them to prioritise care and improve safety for residents.

Cameron Burt, CEO at Rauland Australia said, “With an ageing population, the opportunity to innovate and provide technology designed to assist older people is very exciting. We’re striving to set new industry benchmarks and maintain our status as the industry leader in innovation with the development of the Concentric Care aged care platform.”

Rauland provides cutting-edge solutions to a wide range of aged care providers, some of which include Forest Lake Lodge, Qld; Cabanda Aged Care, Qld; Apollo Care, Qld; ECH, SA; Wimmera Health Group, Vic; Eastern Health, Vic; Monash Health, Vic; Braidwood Multi-purpose Service, NSW and Tamworth Cottage Homes, NSW.

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