Rauland New Zealand Coronavirus Preparedness Update

The Government has recently announced an easing of restrictions as a result of a sustained flattening of the COVID-19 infection curve. This is a positive development, however the pandemic continues to be a challenging and evolving situation.

Rauland New Zealand continues to closely monitor the national and regional impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19). The health and well-being of our staff and the healthcare services and community we serve is of upmost importance to us.

In line with the latest advice from the Government we have now enacted our Business Contingency Plan and implemented rigorous ‘social distancing’ measures effective from Monday 23rd March.

These measures will include:

  • moving to work from home arrangements for all non-essential staff
  • diversion of all telecommunications to our mobile network
  • conducting meetings with customers, business partners and suppliers by phone or video conference
  • suspension of all non-essential domestic and international business travel

In addition to social distancing measures we have also implemented several infection prevention and control processes at each of our offices.

These processes include:

  • working only in designated work spaces – no ‘hot-desking’
  • strict adherence to personal hygiene
  • strict controls over use of communal kitchen and bathroom areas

We understand that our customers are deeply affected by the current pandemic and are experiencing a unique set of challenges and pressures. We are leveraging all of our available resources to support health services and their communities during these difficult times.

Rauland New Zealand is a provider of essential services to the healthcare sector and we are fully committed to supporting our customers throughout this challenging period. For this reason, our team of core operational staff have remained on-site at our offices, providing our customers with the assurance of continuity of service and support.

We have implemented infrastructure to ensure that the rest of our team can work from home with full access to our business and operational systems. We have also invested in collaboration platforms to ensure our staff stay fully connected throughout this period and are available to support our operational team remotely.

On-site Health & Safety

COVID-19 is a significant health concern and all of our field staff will continue to vigorously adhere to our safety and quality processes for working in a healthcare environment. Staff will not attend any health service if unwell.

We will continue to deliver essential on-site services during this time only at the specific request of our customers. We will strictly follow the requirements of each health service including:

Working closely with our primary contact to ensure areas where we are working have at least one week of notice before our arrival

Ensuring we have appropriate service approval to undertake any works

Announcing our arrival to the manager of the area we are working in and ensure they understand what we are there to achieve

Ensure we are aware of any precautions we need to take to work safely in their area

Using an alcohol-based hand sanitiser before and after touching surfaces in or near any clinical environment

Ongoing Commitment to Safety

We will deploy every effort to maintain a safe work environment for our staff; and to provide continuous and uninterrupted supply of services.

If we should be aware of any requirements you have put in place for your organisation, please let us know and we will work with you to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone in our respective organisations.

If you would like to discuss any of the above or if we can assist you or your organisation in any way, please call us on 09 308 6555 or speak to your Account Manager.

Download the Rauland Preparedness FAQs here:

Rauland Coronavirus Preparedness FAQ NZ May 18 2020

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