Forest Lake Lodge deploys Concentric Care platform to achieve improved quality of care

Residential Aged Care provider Forest Lake Lodge in Queensland has chosen to partner with Rauland Australia to achieve its vision to deliver the highest quality of care while maintaining dignity and individuality of every resident.

Forest Lake Lodge will implement the Concentric Care platform for Aged Care including Responder Nurse Call and Clinical Workflow, Safety Monitoring solution and associated clinical workflow design, delivery and installation services.

Forest Lake Lodge is a family-owned aged care provider located in Queensland. The first stage of Forest Lake Lodge opened in the year 2000 and today the facility has 150 beds including a secure dementia unit.

The Concentric Care platform for Aged Care is designed to support a quieter, safer care environment, together with real-time insights and analytics to drive accountability and continuous improvement in the quality of care.

Carolyn Wilson, Acting CEO, Forest Lake Lodge commented: “We’re very excited to work with Rauland to deploy the Concentric Care platform and provide our staff and residents with a quieter environment and improved resident safety.”

Concentric Care will also give us real-time access to information that will enable us to quickly identify and address any issues so that we can continuously improve the quality of our care,” she said.

Delivering a Quieter Environment

To achieve a quieter environment for residents and staff, Forest Lake Lodge will provide staff with a mobile device enabling messages to be sent directly to a resident’s assigned carer. Sending requests directly to the assigned carer eliminates excessive alarms and ensures the right message, goes to the right carer, at the right time. A series of automated escalations will be in place to ensure all resident requests are attended to promptly and staff are able to prioritise care.

“We visited Gold Coast University Hospital during our evaluation to experience first-hand the Quiet Environment – and it was just beautiful,” said Carolyn. “We could immediately see that this would provide our residents with a much calmer and restful environment. And for our staff, it will significantly reduce the issue of alarm fatigue, which can impact negatively on the quality of care.”

In a quiet environment, Carolyn sees annunciators used less for notifications or alarms and instead being used to share important information with residents, family members and staff.

“We have a whole range of information we want to be able to share with our community – safety notices, upcoming events, staff announcements and the LCD annunciators are a really great way to do this.”

Improving Resident Safety

Forest Lake Lodge will also deploy Rauland’s Safety Monitoring solution as an initiative to improve resident safety and reduce falls. The innovative safety monitoring solution uses sophisticated technology to provide continuous monitoring of resident movements in the bedroom and ensuite, without the need for invasive cameras or wearables.

Assigned carers will receive an alert on their mobile device when a resident has moved out of bed or entered the ensuite for example. In the event of a fall, the Safety Monitoring solution will automatically send alerts to all staff mobile devices, ensuring an immediate and rapid response.

According to Carolyn the technologies available to help manage resident safety, such as floor, bed and chair mats are limited in their effectiveness.

“We’re very excited to introduce this innovative new technology, we believe it will be a significant improvement to the way we manage our falls risk,” said Carolyn. “And most importantly, if a resident does have a fall, we can be confident that our staff will respond immediately.”

Forest Lake Lodge began their project with the Rauland team in late 2020 and will be going live with Phase 1 in May.

“The service from the team at Rauland has been really great, nothing is too much trouble. Any issues have been ironed out really quickly and the communication between our two teams has been excellent,” said Carolyn.

Steve Gomes, Director, Rauland Australia commented: “We’re delighted to partner with the team at Forest Lake Lodge to deploy our Concentric Care platform for Aged Care. Carolyn and her team have embraced the opportunity to innovate to achieve improved outcomes for residents and we’re very excited to be working with them on this project.”

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